Head (top)[edit | edit source]

Rhino Horn

Big Baydos head

Water Dragon Horn

Fire Dragon Horn

Earth Dragon Horn

Ninja Mask Violet Green

Ninja Mask Black

Ninja Mask Blue and Green

Ninja Mask Brown

Ninja Mask Grey

Ninja Mask Yellow

Head (Jaw)[edit | edit source]


Goatee Grey

Ninja Jaw Mask Violet Green

Ninja Jaw Mask Black

Ninja Jaw Mask Blue and Green

Ninja Jaw Mask Brown

Ninja Jaw Mask Grey

Ninja Jaw Mask Yellow

Back[edit | edit source]

Demon Wings

Angel Wings

Bladed Wings Cyan

Bladed Wings Green

Bladed Wings Pink

Bladed Wings Red

Bladed Wings Yellow

Xmas Lights

Bombs[edit | edit source]

Default Bomb

Green Bomb

Blue Bomb

Corrupted Bomb

Tomato Bomb


Throwables[edit | edit source]

Default Dagger

Dagger 1

Dagger 2

Shuriken 1

Shuriken 2


Thief Dagger

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