Upcoming Fighters

This is the Upcoming Fighters page, where we record hints that BlueSunsetGames give us.

As far as we know, there are a total of

  • 4 Characters that are unknown if they're Original or Third party
  • Lord Clonington (World to the West)
  • Lady Scarlet (Desert Child)
  • Baron (GAO Community made character)
  • Defender Girl (Planetary Defense Force)
  • Stardrop (Stardrop Blaster)
  • Horror character
  • 10 Upcoming characters in total that are going to be in the game.

Support Characters

Blue Sunset Games will be putting Support Characters in Go All Out, which will act like the Smash's Assist Trophies, except that they can be unlocked and selected by the players before the matches

here is the known Support characters so far (and a Support character page will be added once they are in the game):

Upcoming Character

BSG has hinted of an upcoming character, which is either a quote or something that this character says:

'Silently speaking to you... I am here... but at the same time I am not'

Horror Character

BSG had comform that a horror themed character will be in GAO in 2020, followed by a stage

there have yet been any more infomation

Known Negotiations

  • Negotiations/talks between Square-Enix, Epic Games, Namco Bandai (again), Akupara Games and were made at some point/ or are currently in negotiations but it's unknown if there will be characters from those companies in Go All Out!
  • BSG is trying to get an anime rep that Bandai Namco has the gaming license for, but there's no guarantee
  • TV shows characters are in BlueSunsetGame's mind but it's unknown from what company/franchise or if there will be any at all.
  • BSG almost have a chance to get a character from Walt Disney animations, however there's it's a chance and no guarantee that it might happen, and it won't be earlier than Q4, though according to BSG, it might be a character from the 90s era
  • BSG has confirmed that they have 3 AAA characters that could potentially be in GAO, though it depends entirely on sales once the game is on the Nintendo Switch
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