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Upcoming Fighters[]

This is the Upcoming Fighters page, where we record hints that BlueSunsetGames give us.

As far as we know, there are a total of

  • Baron (GAO Community made character)
  • Defender Girl (Planetary Defense Force)
  • Stardrop (Stardrop Blaster)
  • Horror character
  • Big Game Character
  • 6 Upcoming characters in total that are going to be in the game.

There is going to be an announcement very soon that shows 5 new fighters, it's unknown if these fighters are on the list, but more likely hinted

Support Characters[]

at the current moment, there are no announced supporting characters coming into GAO as of yet.

Upcoming Character(s)[]

Horror Character[]

BSG had said that a horror themed character will be in GAO in 2020, followed by a stage

there have yet been any more infomation

Big Game Character[]

an upcoming character is coming to GAO, there is a teaser image over at twitter:

Scene teaser for big character.jpg

Future costumes[]

there are currently 1 upcoming costumes that were winners of the costume contest during the 1st anniversary of GAO.

- Alien Paco & Galactic Cool (Paco and Cool)

Galactic PNC.png

the alien PaC outfit is coming in a later date

Known Negotiations[]

  • Negotiations/talks between Square-Enix, Epic Games, Namco Bandai (again), Akupara Games and were made at some point/ or are currently in negotiations but it's unknown if there will be characters from those companies in Go All Out!
  • BSG is trying to get an anime rep that Bandai Namco has the gaming license for, but there's no guarantee
  • TV shows characters are in BlueSunsetGame's mind but it's unknown from what company/franchise or if there will be any at all.
  • BSG almost have a chance to get a character from Walt Disney animations, however there's it's a chance and no guarantee that it might happen, and it won't be earlier than Q4, though according to BSG, it might be a character from the 90s era
  • BSG has confirmed that they have 3 AAA characters that could potentially be in GAO, though it depends entirely on sales once the game is on the Nintendo Switch