Cadread Edit

Planet Cadread - this is a centric place of the game. The place can be found by entering "World Hub" from main menu.

This is where all fighters are during events of the game.

click here to find out what happened in the World Hub, as it resumes to updates as more fighters appears in Go All Out!

Original Stages Edit

Go All Out! feature original stages that have origin on Cadread (game's story place) and stages from other parts of the different words.

Pillar (updated)
Pillar (B)
Blue Towers (updated)
Castle (updated)
Giant's Warehouse (updated)
Giant's Warehouse (b)
Neo City (updated)
Toxic Wasteland (updated)
Calamity's Domain
Dying Planet (updated)
Clock Mountain
Jungle Temple

Guest Stages Edit

Stages that have their origin in other games or other media

Castle Bridge (updated)
Bug's Lair (updated)
Jaga's Hut
Sumi's Playground
Brick Road
Teslagrad Tower
Teslagrad Tower (B)

Bosses and their stages Edit

Boss Stage
Calamity's Domain
Calamity's Domain

Rumored Stages Edit

there is a possiblity of a stage is in the works to work with the yet to be announced horror themed character that's coming to GAO

BSG also mention that a Stage based on Planetary Defense Force is in the workings

Trivia Edit

  • according to Blue Sunset Games, Pillar and Blue Towers are the only stages that are actually on Cadread, the rest of the stages are from other worlds but the fighters are technically fighting on Cadread, as these stages are simply mirages representing the fighter's worlds.
  • it's unknown how time passes in Cadread
  • on Jaga's Hut, Breakbone clubs appears when Breakbone isn't on the stage, when he is on the stage, the club disappears
  • Clock Mountain originally was suppose to be a level in the game Animal Rivals, though what it would looked like can be seen in the first trailer
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