List of Series/Franchises that are in Go All Out! Edit

this game includes original third-party characters, stages being included in this game, here list the series and what it includes (note: original characters, stages and equiptment will not be included in this list)

First-Party (Blue Sunset Games) Edit

Animal Rivals: Edit

  • Castle Bridge stage
  • Brick Road stage
  • Pear Item (a collectible item for one of the Animal Rival games turned into a healing item for GAO)
  • Animal Rival-themed Podium Stand

Tribellum Tower Defense: Edit

  • Bug's Lair Stage

Tiny Hands Adventure: Edit

  • Sumi's Playground stage

Third-Party (Video Games) Edit

Raptors Online: Edit

  • Raptor is a playable fighter

Get Even: Edit

Yandere Simulator: Edit

  • Yandere-Chan is a playable fighter
  • The Empty Demon appears in Yandere-Chan's Lvl 3 special

Teslagrad & World to the West: Edit

Desert Child: Edit

  • Lady Scarlet is a playable fighter
  • Ramen McNoodles appears as one of her attacks

Chicken Assassin Reloaded: Edit

  • Chicken Assassin Item

Third-Party (Comic series) Edit

Kayko and Kokosh: Edit

  • Breakbone is a playable fighter
  • Jaga's Hut Stage

Third-Party (Multi-Media) Edit

Zorro: Edit

  • Zorro is a playable fighter


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