Back (Paco) Edit

PaC Butterfly Wings

Butterfly Wings

PaC Purple Butterfly Wings

Purple Butterfly Wings

PaC Butterfly Wings Yellow

Yellow Butterfly Wings

Head (Cool) Edit

PaC Football Cap

Football Cap

Paco Big Baydos Head

Big Baydos Head

Bubbles Edit

PaC Default Bubble

Default Bubble

PaC Blue Bubble

Blue bubble

PaC Green Bubble

Green Bubble

PaC Black Bubble

Black Bubble

PaC White Bubble

White Bubble

PaC Red Bubble

Red Bubble

PaC Pink Bubble

Pink Bubble

PaC Orange Bubble

Orange Bubble

PaC Multicolor Bubble

Multicolor Bubble

Paco Corrupted Bubble

Corrupted Bubble

Paco and Cool Gravity Bubble Blue

Gravity Bubble Blue

Paco and Cool Gravity Bubble Green

Gravity Bubble Green

Paco and Cool Gravity Bubble Purple

Gravity Bubble Purple

Paco and Cool Heart Bubble

Heart Bubble

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