Paco and Cool are playable fighters for Go All Out, who are original character for the game, a strange duo trying to find a purpose to exist

Backstory Edit

Pre-arrival Edit

it's unknown about both Paco and Cool's past, the earliest recollection is that they woken up by a wizard that died before he could explain anything

Paco and Cool then went on an adventure in a mysterious land called Myriad to find a meaning for them to be woken up.

on their journey, the duo picked up some skills along the way, Paco learned martial arts while Cool mastered bubble magic, though how they gotten these skills are unknown.

Arriving at Cadread Edit

when the duo was summoned to Cadread, they thought that they could find a purpose in this new land, so they venture out to see if it's true.

Appearance Edit

Paco is a pillow with arms and legs, he has buttons for eyes and a zipper for a mouth, though the zip is up so Paco can't speak, he also has gloves for hands and trainers for feet

Cool is a small blue floating jelly ghost that has his brain showing, he also has small hands and two flicks on his head that looks like a hair style

Paco is the main user while Cool goes behind Paco, Paco can use his fists to fight, but can use Cool as a weapon, Cool can also use his bubbles to trap their foes.

Colors, Costumes and Equipment Edit

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Showcase video Edit

Go All Out! Fighter Showcase- Paco and Cool

Go All Out! Fighter Showcase- Paco and Cool

Combat Moves Edit

Special Attacks: Edit

(Magical Duo Style) Edit

Lvl1 – Size Magic

Paco and Cool grows in size for a second, sending knockback and damage to anyone who are near them, it also works as a reflective, as any projectile getting contacted as Paco grows will be flung back and deal damage to the projectile thrower if hit

Lvl3 – Bubble Trap

Cool creates 5 big bubbles around him, making a pointing up sign that if contacted by players will take damage, stunned and trap in the bubble for a quick time

Trivia Edit

  • in the promo art, Cool appears to be white, however in-game, he is blue. though the color is corrected in the character icon
  • so far, Paco and Cool are the first and only characters in the game that is a duo fighter

Gallery Edit

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