Lord Clonington is an upcoming playable character for Go All Out! coming from an indie game World to the West, which is a spin-off sequel for Teslagrad

Backstory Edit

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Appearance Edit

Lord Clonington appears exactly as he looks like in his game.

Clonington is a big strong man with a hairy chest and a black mustache.

he wears maroon overalls, a small bowler hat and white wrist cuffs.

Trivia Edit

  • Lord Clonington was announced in the new fighters trailer on January 9th 2019, alongside with YakshiYandere-Chan and Teslakid
  • Lord Clonington is one of the two third-party characters from Rain Games, the other being Teslakid
  • Teslagrad is the only third-party franchise to have 2 playable characters, World to the West is a sequel of Teslagrad.
  • Lord Clonington is the 5th third-party character to join Go All Out!
  • World to the West/Teslagrad is the 5th thrid-party franchise to join Go all Out!

Gallery Edit

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