Lady Scarlet is an Upcoming Fighter in Go All Out! a supporting character from Oscar Brittain and Akupara Games, Desert Child

Backstory Edit

(to be added)

Appearance Edit

Lady Scarlet apperance is very different than her original game, mainly showing her appearance in a 3D environment since Desert Child has a pixel 2D style with no faces, with her outfit

Lady Scarlet facial features has her wearing orange and black sunglasses with long blonde hair, Scarlet also wears a red jumpsuit and black boots

Scarlet rides on a hoverbike which is coloured red, unlike the colour she had in game, which is blue

Trivia Edit

  • Lady Scarlet is the 8th third-party character to join Go All Out, being announced during an Impact Direct video on March 2019
  • however Scarlet was announced to be in Go All Out before Zorro
  • she is also the third female character in Go All Out, the others being Erica and Yandere-Chan

Gallery Edit

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