Go All Out! Wiki

Items available in the game.

Players can use items during battle that are spawned randomly on a stage.



- Ball

Item that can be thrown to deal 4 points of damage



- Mine

Explosive dealing 6 damage in close radius to all hit players



- Pear

Yummy food chunk restoring 10 health points on pick up


Slow blast.PNG

- Slow Blast

Creates a field that will slow everyone in it


Beserk Orb.PNG

- Berserk Orb

this item will double your damage for a short time, but you can't block or use specials


Surprise Packet.PNG

- Mystery Box

First Community item in game that have 3 random outcomes - it will either spawn random item, explode or start moving while leaving bombs.


Boots of Mobility.PNG

- Boots of Mobility

Wearing this item makes user very fast both on ground and in air


Buster Bomb.PNG

- Buster Bomb

Creates a massive, double sided explosion blast after short time that deals heavy damage for anyone in its range


Chicken Assassin.PNG

- Chicken Assassin

Powerful Protagonist from game with same name - surely packs a big hit from short distance


- Support Gem

Support Gem.PNG

a gem that once picked up can summon a selected Supporting Character that the player chosen at the start of the match.


Cyber Shield.png

- Cyber Shield

When thrown, it will open up and block incoming attacks. Have durability. Can be destroyed


  • Pear item originates from Animal Rivals game.
  • Mystery box (originally called Surprise Packet) was a community made item by Chuumoon, in which was part of an community item competition in 12/12/2018
  • Chicken Assassin is from Chicken Assassin Reloaded, made by Oneshark and publshed by Akupara Games, he is also the first character to be an item, the second non-original item and first third-party item in GAO
  • Support Gem is the only way to summon support characters in game