History Edit

here, we record what happened in the world hub, what's been added and who is in the hub.

Pre-hub Edit

  • centuries ago a Great war struck that ended all life on Cadread by Calamity, but was imprisoned by his own power, being trapped in a broken dimension.
  • Calamity had woken up and escaped the broken dimension to resume his rule on Cadread
  • Vaako was the first fighter to set afoot on Cadread

when the hub came out: Edit

  • more characters came to Cadread, Erica, Graphite, Raptor, Paco and Cool and Breakbone appeared in the hub
  • items starts to appear on the hub, fighters use them to wear for fun
  • there is a rainbow fire in the hub, Paco and Cool can be seen near the fire

Tents in the hub: Edit

  • Cole Black arrived at Cadread and appeared in the hub, along with a pistol, a rifle, a shotgun and a Cornergun that he uses in battle
  • tents appeared in the hub, a total of seven tents (one for each fighter) a few benches and a cooking pot, Breakbone and Vaako moved themselves to the tents and cooking pot

Vaako finds a comic: Edit

  • in Update 1.3.05, Vaako finds a comic of Kayko and Kokosh: Łamignat Straszliwy, he starts reading it being interested of the comic book

Yakshi's Awakening: Edit

  • Yakshi returned at Cadread after being trapped in a broken dimension for centuries and now appeared in the world hub
  • the hub expanded and items appeared as showcases

The Cadread Machine: Edit

  • Cadread Natives, Koye, Togo and the third one appeared in the world hub, with a machine that brings fighters to Cadread.
  • Teslakid arrived at Cadread from the machine

a Yandere arrives: Edit

  • Yandere-Chan arrived at Cadread from the machine, along with her sword and a mop
  • Paco and Cool moved away from the rainbow fire

The Chicken Grew Edit

  • Zorro arrived at Cadread from the machine
  • Chicken Assassin appeared in a larger form, now stands next to Cole (though his item still appears in the item section)

The Rise of Baydos Edit

  • Lady Scarlet arrived at Cadread from the machine, coming with her hover bike
  • Baydos appears in the world hub, residing near the items, he holds his potato gun.
  • the assist item appears in the section of items

Jukebox Edit

  • Lord Clonington arrived at Cadread from the machine, he stood where a tent was next to Graphite
  • a Jukebox appear on the world hub, allowing fighters to listen to music
  • a Shield item appears in the item section
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