Head (Default Costume)[edit | edit source]

Cursed Wooden Mask

Darkness Mask

Stone Crown

Cursed Crown

Big Baydos Head

Cyber Mask Blue

Cyber Mask Grey

Cyber Mask Red

Cyber Mask Yellow

Throwing Rock[edit | edit source]

Default Rock

Rock 1

Rock 2

Rounded Rock 1

Rounded Rock 2

Beach Ball

Pixel Cube

Pixel Cube Purple

Corrupted Rock

Cyber Cube Blue

Cyber Cube Grey

Cyber Cube Red

Cyber Cube Yellow

Back Extensions[edit | edit source]

Cyber Wings Blue

Cyber Wings Grey

Cyber Wings Red

Cyber Wings Yellow

Stone Wings Green

Stone Wings Grey Blue

Stone Wings Purple Green

Stone Wings Red

Xmas Candy Wings

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The Cyber mask and wings equipment were inspired by the Weltall-ID transformation gear from Xenogears
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