Head (Default Costume) Edit

Graphite Cursed Wooden Mask

Cursed Wooden Mask

Graphite Darkness mask

Darkness Mask

Graphite stone crown

Stone Crown

Graphite Cursed Crown

Cursed Crown

Graphite Big Baydos head

Big Baydos Head

Graphite Cyber Mask Blue

Cyber Mask Blue

Graphite Cyber Mask Grey

Cyber Mask Grey

Graphite Cyber Mask Red

Cyber Mask Red

Graphite Cyber Mask Yellow

Cyber Mask Yellow

Throwing Rock Edit

Graphite Default Rock

Default Rock

Graphite Rock 1

Rock 1

Graphite Rock 2

Rock 2

Graphite Rounded Rock 1

Rounded Rock 1

Graphite Rounded Rock 2

Rounded Rock 2

Graphite Beach Ball

Beach Ball

Graphite Pixel Cube

Pixel Cube

Graphite Pixel Cube Purple

Pixel Cube Purple

Graphite Corrupted rock

Corrupted Rock

Graphite Cyber Cube Blue

Cyber Cube Blue

Graphite Cyber Cube Grey

Cyber Cube Grey

Graphite Cyber Cube Red

Cyber Cube Red

Graphite Cyber Cube Yellow

Cyber Cube Yellow

Back Extensions Edit

Graphite Cyber Wings Blue

Cyber Wings Blue

Graphite Cyber Wings Grey

Cyber Wings Grey

Graphite Cyber Wings Red

Cyber Wings Red

Graphite Cyber Wings Yellow

Cyber Wings Yellow

Trivia Edit

  • The Cyber mask and wings equipment were inspired by the Weltall-ID transformation gear from Xenogears
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