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Graphite is a Go All Out! Playable Original character. He's a rock king with a power source in his chest.



Graphite is from an ancient civilization known as Nab'Aki, the Rock creature known as Graphite is the king of this civilization. His farther, Onyphite stepped down from the throne so he could go on a journey to find the secrets of the power stones which made Nab'Aki possible and brought Graphite to life.

Arriving at Cadread[]

a strange light appeared in the throne room, Graphite being curious, came up to it and touched it, the next thing he knows he found himself in a strange world.

after this, a voice came to him and said that a menace that is breaking this world would show up, and told Graphite to destroy it so he can be free from this place.


Graphite is a big blue rock creature, each part of his body seems to be separate to each other but connects to form a humanoid body.

Graphite also has a bright blue rock in his chest that seems to be a power stone

Colors, Costumes and Equipment[]

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Showcase video[]


Go All Out! Fighter Showcase Graphite

Combat Moves[]

Special Attacks:[]

(Stone Ruler Style)[]

Lvl1 – Stonefall (air)

Graphite drops from the air, straight downwards to deal area damage upon the ground, anyone near gets damaged.

Lvl3 – Rock Barrier

Graphite summons rocks surrounding him, which if hit by a player will deal damage to said player, and so on until all the rocks are gone or in a certain amount of time,

(Hard Rock Style)[]

Lvl1 – Stonefall (air)

Graphite drops from the air, straight downwards to deal area damage upon the ground, anyone near gets damaged

Lvl3 – Meteor Storm

Graphive summons a whole bunch of giant meteors that comes down on the stage that deals great damage


  • Graphite is hundreds of years old, making him the oldest characters in Go All Out!
  • Graphite also seems to be the face of Go All Out! since he's featuring in the game's title on Steam and on the icon shortcut for the game
  • In real life, Graphite is a native element mineral that has many uses, most of them being electric based, which explains the blue lines all over Graphite's body, but the color is wrong since real life Graphites are black shade while GAO Graphite is in a blue shades
  • In early concepts, Graphite's original name was 'Rokk'


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