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Welcome to the Go All Out! Wiki.

Here you can find various kinds of information on the game known as Go All Out! Wiki is still getting bigger every day - feel free to post and build it up! We also have a Discord server. If you want to join follow the link provided.

Wiki originally created by Yarheeguy. Many thanks!

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Go All Out! is a crazy, fast-paced, 3D platform fighter made by Blue Sunset Games. Game features characters from other games, franchises, comic books and a cast of original fighters. It's worth noting, that Gao was first game to feature stage-crossing system (before Super Smash Bros Ultimate did it).

To play GAO, simply visit:

click here to see the full version's Steam store page.

click here to check free version of the game on Steam.

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Go All Out Gamescom 2019 Trailer - Zorro announcement

Go All Out Gamescom 2019 Trailer - Zorro announcement

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Cole Black skins ideas by Yarheeguy

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