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Flying Hawk is an upcoming fighter in Go All Out! and part of the roster cast for Season 2. Formally a Shaman to the Kwantako tribe, now a lost spirit trying to find rest. He is a supporting character and guide from Whispering Willows, a horror/adventure developed by Light Interactive and published by Akupara Games


Before Whispering Willows[]

In life, Flying Hawk was the High Sharman of the Kwantako Tribe, who hear calls from the spirit realm by the great bald eagle, that told him about how the gods used their bodies to mold the world in its creation, with these vision and role as the Sharman, it’s his duty to relay it to his people.

One call showed him a vision, seeing pale men marching across the land with blankets of death and covering his people as they slept, the sky darkens, the rivers black and monsters of metal and industry destroying the world.

Another showing him another side of the world where white men were ruled by a different god, a spirit that corrupted their mind with fire and riches only to meet with death and turmoil. After seeing this vision, Flying Hawk realize that the people who were shown were sick and will one day find his people, he prepared himself for when the day come and hoped through communication and understanding, that he can help these people.

Then that day occurs, when other tribes warned the Kwantako Tribe that the white men were coming, that they were violent and only kill for gain and pleasure. Even with this knowledge, Flying Hawk remains obedient, believing that he has to show the white men that they can live together in peace and accept them like brothers.

In case their attempts failed, he ordered the woman and children of his tribe to flee if the white men turn violent, wanting to save his family and his bloodline if he couldn’t save himself.

When the white men arrived, he was approached by their leader named Wortham Willows. At start, they were peaceful, arranging a discussion, bartering about deals with their land. He told Wortham about the land having spiritual powers and that he can see Martha again, someone that Wortham lost. He offered the white man a peace pipe and meditate together.

But unfortunately for Flying Hawk, Wortham was growing restless, thinking that the Sharman was trying to poison his mind and have him live a life of savagery. he stop meditating and challenged Flying Hawk to a duel, but he didn’t stir, even threaten, Flying Hawk kept his pacifism, right until his end when Wortham strangled him to death. He put up no resistance and let it happen.

When he became a spirit, he found that his body was lost and spent centuries looking for his remains, he wanders throughout the spirit realm with no luck.

The Events of 'Whispering Willows'

During the events of ‘Whispering Willows’ Flying Hawk was greeted by a young girl named Elena Elkhorn, who worn an amulet from his family, letting the spirit know that she was his descendant. She was looking for her missing father after having visions of her father being captured by a angry spirit at a mansion. Flying Hawk agrees to help her get out of the catacombs of the mansion in exchange that she finds her body, having a sense that his body was nearby.

After helping Elena out and reach the surface, they eventually found Flying Hawk’s body at a bottom of a well, with spirit and body reunited, Flying Hawk gave his farewells before resting in the afterlife.

Arriving at Cadread[]

Flying Hawk arrived in Cadread before the events of Whispering Willows.

he was contacted by one of the light spirits that originated from Cadread, hearing about Clamity Flying Hawk offered his help, though he's a pacifist, he realized he had to fight, all so he can save other souls.

after appearing on Cadread, Flying Hawk meditated with both the light spirit and Cadread Natives, until he managed to temporary self-materialize in the physical world. only for a short time, but enough time to help with the battle.


Flying is a bright blue flying spirit, wearing a Native-American jacket and pants. He wore an expressionless mask with antlers, he had long hair that goes over his shoulders, all of it being within the same colour as his spirit appearance.

He wields a wooden staff that has feathers at the bottom and loose beads on the top

Colors, Costumes and Equipment[]

(to be added)

Showcase video[]


Go All Out! Fighter Showcase- Flying Hawk (Whispering Willows)

Combat Moves[]

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  • Flying Hawk is the 9th third-party character to join Go All Out! and the first announced fighter for Season 2
  • Before he was announced, he appeared in the Go All Out 2.0 trailer and was seen attacking Erica


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