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Go All Out has a selection of fighters with their own unique fighting style, there are a total of 13 fighters that are in-game, both in which are Original characters for the game, while others are Third-Party characters that are from different series on different platform.

Go All Out! Fighters[]

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Cole Black character.png
Erica character.png
Graphite character.png
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Lord Clonington character card.png
Paco and Cool character.png
Raptor character.png
Teslakid character card.png
Vaako character.png
Yakshi character card.png
Yandere-Chan character cards.png

Supporting Characters[]

along with the fighters, there are Supporting Characters who can be summoned by an item

so far there are a total of assets in the range of 4 supporting characters with 8 different functions.

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Upcoming Fighters[]

as Go All Out! updates, new fighters comes into the game, click the link below to find out hints about the upcoming fighters for the game

Upcoming Fighter page

Select Screen Evolution[]

Select screen for characters have been changing during last months.

Find out more here: Select Screen Page