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Erica is a Go All Out Original character, one of the playable fighter in the game. A female mercenary welding a scythe. She's a warrior from the future.



Erica is from a distant future of 2150, where humanity managed to colonize the entire solar system. Erica was one of the top ranked agents in the United Solar System Planet Space Alliance (USSPSA) until an invasion happened in the solar system. After losing her fiance Marco, she attempted to go AWOL but failed and was captured by soldiers.

Erica ended up in a prison facility and stay there for months. When a genetically altered beast attacked the prison, Erica used this as her opportunity to escape.

After escaping prison, Erica became a rouge mercenary who was trying to figure out where she belongs in this vast universe.

Arriving at Cadread[]

It's unknown on how Erica ended up on Cadread. She had no idea why she was here, but she hoped that it's for a reason - she's looking for answers.


Erica wears a black and purple battle suit in her design. She also wields her Scythe, which she calls VoidWalker.

Colors, Costumes and Equipment[]

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Showcase video[]


Go All Out! Fighter Showcase Erica

Combat Moves[]

Special Attacks: []

(Outlaw Style)[]

Lvl1 – Scythe Twist

Erica charges up her Scythe, then makes a close-range attack that knockback any enemies who are hit.

Lvl3 – Power Strike

Erica pushes down her Scythe creating two power energy balls that fly in two directions horizontally, creating great damage and knock down to anyone who gets hit.

(Renegade Style)[]

Lvl1 – Scythe Twist

Erica charges up her Scythe then make a close-range attack that knockback any enemies who are hit by her attack.

Lvl3 –Power Blast

Erica pushes down her Scythe and creates one big blast around her. Anyone near hear deals damage and a knockback.


  • Erica was the first female character to be in GAO. Her, Yandere-Chan, and Lady Scarlet are the only females in-game
  • She is also the first human character to be in the game
  • A stage 'Neo City' is from Erica's world
  • In the original concept art, Erica did not have a tattoo on the side of her stomach. According to BSG, it was 'something special' that was added by the graphic artist who made the texture of the model. There is a chance that the tattoo will be removed in later updates.


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