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Calamity is a Boss character and the main Antagonist of Go All Out! a great, powerful entity on Cadread with great power.

He plays as a boss and a supporting character.


Cadread was never a dead planet as it is now, many years ago, Cadread had an empire, with eleven kings ruling each part of their land under a single banner, the eldest of the eleven kings, wanted to rule the entire empire and wage war across Cadread to achieve his goal. this was the first step of the king becoming the 'Baron of Calamity'

thousand of lives died in this war and Calamity grateful, until an the Elderly of Warrior Monks attempt to put an eternal sleeping curse on Calamity, but had backfired which caused Calamity to turn into a giant, unstoppable monster.

with his new powers, he wiped out the whole planet in the final battle of the Great war, however, Yakshi, the last remaining Monk Warriors fought back and had nearly defeated him, as a last resort, Calamity used a Reality Break on Yakshi, which cause him and Calamity to sleep in a broken reality.

a thousand years later, when Awakening arrived, Calamity woken up to finish what he started, only to realized that other warriors from other worlds had arrived on the dead planet.


  • Calamity is the first boss character in Go All Out!
  • much like Master Hand in Super Smash Bros. and Polygon Man in Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale Calamity plays the role of the series' main villain for Go All Out!
  • Calamity was announced during the New Fighters teaser