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Baydos (or Baydos Potato) is a supporting character for Go All Out, based on a real life Youtuber and someone from the Go All Out Community going by the name Baydospotato.


Baydos is an Australian YouTuber who make strange yet interesting videos, he has an interest of Potatos and created a Potato gun in which he uses in battle

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Baydos has two different styles:

Baydos Potato (Attacking):

Baydos uses his Potato Gun to shot potato projectiles, he can also go from place to place to shoot his gun, however he can take damage and killed.

Just Baydos (Support):

unlike Baydos Potato, Baydos is more focused on being a meat shield, he doesn't shoot potatos but go as close as possible, blocking any attack, including Lvl3s to keep the fighter safe. just like Potato, he can take damage and killed.

How to Unlock:

you have to play the entirety of Duel mode while wearing the Big Baydos head equipment (in which every fighter except Zorro and Lady Scarlet has) then defeat the Baydos secret boss fight, by doing this, both 'Baydos Potato' and 'Just Baydos' will be available to purchase in the GAO store

Secret Boss Fight[]

Baydos has a secret Boss fight within the game. in order to go into this boss fight, you must play Duel mode playing as a fighter wearing the 'Big Baydos Head' equipment.

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  • Here is a link to Baydos YouTube Channel
  • Baydos has an interest on Go All Out, he often be on the Discord channel.
  • while Baydos is based on a person on the Discord Channel, Yarheeguy was responsible for the concept design of the in-game character and submitted the character in the Supporting Character contest during the first anniversary of Go All Out, in which won by the highest votes.
  • Baydos has his own Supporting character, equipment head and Boss Fight in Go All Out!
  • Aside from Raptor (who makes dinosaur roars), Baydos is the only character in-game that has voice recorded dialogue, recorded by Baydos himself
  • Baydos is pretty much the Waluigi of Go All Out!